Five APIs That Add Security Capabilities To Your Application

Fri Dec 10 2021

2 min read

API is a channel that applications utilize to talk with each other. You put some information at one end, and the API takes that information and gets back with a result. In this guide, we will focus on those APIs that provide security-related features.

Security APIs

A couple decades ago, adding new features to your web application was only possible through coding the entire feature yourself and integrating it in the application. The rise of APIs has made this process much simpler, and today there are APIs serving all kinds of functions.

Implementing security features from scratch is not an easy feat, which is why we have hand picked some of the popular and notable security related APIs out there. You can easily integrate them in your applications to increase their security capabilities.

1. IP Geolocation API

IP Geolocation API looks up IP addresses of visitors and provides their geolocation information. The information includes country, city, latitude, longitude, timezone, asn, currency and other security data.

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2. Telize API

Telize API is another efficient API that you can add in your application to get the visitors' IP addresses and thier location data. From a security point of view, it helps you implement geo-restrictions and prevent frauds.

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3. Telesign API

Telesign API is a great tool for adding phone-based verification and two-factor authentication to your application.

The API works using elementary logic. The developers embed the API in their apps or websites. When a new user is signing up for the website or app’s services, the registration form requires that they input their mobile number. The API collects the mobile number and sends a verification code to the number that is provided. Then, the user enters this code to complete the registration process.

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4. ZeroBounce API

ZeroBounce API is a comprehensive Email Validation service that allows you to check the validity of Emails by verifying their domains. It also has some intersting features like suggestions for fixing an email typo.

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5. Spam Check API

Spam Check API does exactly what it says; it checks text contents for potential spam through an ML based system.

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