What is CORS Proxy? Three APIs that Offer CORS Features

Wed Apr 27 2022

3 min read

Have you ever requested data from some API but instead got an error like Cross-Origin Request Blocked? CORS Proxy allows us to bypass these errors and get the data we need.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

CORS is a mechanism implemented by browsers that block websites from requesting data from other URLs. When a browser makes a request, it adds an origin header to the request message. If it goes to the server of the exact origin, it is allowed by the browser, and if it does not, the browser blocks it.

There are different types of requests that use CORS. For instance, if you use an image hosted on another server, it must be CORS compatible; otherwise, it will not render on the screen.

The browser ensures this type of strategy mainly because of security reasons. However, it can be a development blocker. There are ways around this, and CORS Proxy is one of them.

What is CORS Proxy?

CORS Proxy allows us to bypass CORS errors using a proxy server that acts as a bridge between the client and the server. So, instead of requesting the target server, it sends the request to the proxy server instead. The request looks like this: https://proxy.com/https://server.com. Then, the proxy server forwards the request to the target server and returns the response with proper CORS headers.

Consequently, the client can now request servers that do not support CORS and avoid CORS errors.

Implementing CORS and CORS proxies can be overwhelming. Here are some of the CORS-related APIs on RapidAPI Hub that can make your life easier.

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HTTP Cors Proxy API

This API offers a fast proxy to bypass CORS policies in any HTTP request. If you are getting CORS errors, you can use this API to avoid them. Specify your target URL in the request_url field, and your CORS proxy will be ready.

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This API scans any website for CORS vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. It helps you check whether the target domains and URLs have secure CORS policies or not.

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Cors Proxy API

It is another CORS Proxy API that allows you to bypass CORS errors on requests blocked by your browser.

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