Top Five Real Estate (MLS) APIs

Mon May 09 2022

3 min read

APIs are a fundamental part of the web, and there are countless APIs providing access to all kinds of data for web applications. This guide will cover the best real state and mortgage listing APIs.

What is an API?

The Application Programming Interface (API) is like a middle man connecting two sides. It is like a waiter who takes your order and brings you food, connecting the guests with the kitchen. So, it provides a channel that applications utilize to talk with each other.

Today, countless APIs are available that provide access to all kinds of data. You can use them to build web, desktop, mobile applications, CLI tools, extensions, etc.

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Real Estate (MLS) APIs

Real Estate is a rapidly changing industry, so data is its essential component. Real Estate APIs are perfect for extracting the latest housing, rental, and mortgage data. Whether you're a developer, product manager, real estate agent, realtors, or assisting real estate professionals, real estate APIs are vital to your success if you're in the industry. Here are some of the best real estate APIs that you can utilize for your projects.

1. Mashvisor

The Mashvisor API is a comprehensive real estate API with a vast set of available features. It provides data about the following:

  • Airbnb listings.
  • Short and long-term rentals.
  • Trends.
  • Price estimate of MLS Listings.
  • Investment Analysis etc.
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2. Realty Mole Property API

The Realty Mole Property API allows you to search for real estate data like property owner details, property attributes, rental history, zip code data, etc. across millions of properties and rentals. You can use it to quickly power your real estate projects.

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3. Realty in US

If you are looking for real estate data to create a real estate application, the Realty in US API has got you covered. It allows you to query properties in the US while offering features like mortgage and finance tools. The API provider API Dojo also provides APIs for real estate data in other countries like Canada, UK, UAE, etc.

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4. API

The API is an unofficial API that offers real estate data and MLS listings from the real estate marketplace Zillow.

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5. Rent Estimate API

The Rent Estimate API helps you budget and calculate rent for specific properties. It analyzes and scans the Realty Mole's enormous database to suggest rent estimates.

Just input the relevant parameters such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, property type, and square footage to estimate how much rent a tenant will have to pay for the property.

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We hope this guide helped you find some excellent APIs. Head over to RapidAPI Hub for thousands of APIs like these.