How to use RapidAPI Teams to Share and Collaborate on APIs?

Wed Nov 17 2021

3 min read

If your team consumes, develops, or manages APIs, then consider Rapid API Teams. Today, more than 60,000 teams are using it for collaborating on APIs. Let's see how we can use it in this interactive guide.

As companies use more and more APIs, it gets difficult for the developers to keep track of them. Sharing the internal APIs with multiple developers across the organization becomes a challenge.

Imagine this scenario; your team needs an external paid API. Let’s say you subscribe to the said API. Now, you would want a way to share it with your team so that all members can access it. RapidAPI Teams provides the solution for this exact problem. Briefly, it provides features for the following use cases:

  1. Consumption

  2. Publishing

  3. Governance

Go through this interactive component to get an idea how it covers these three features.

Click the button below to create a new organization for your Team.

How to use RapidAPI Teams

Let's see how we can use RapidAPI Teams.

Create a new organization on RapidAPI Teams

The first step is to create a new organization in RapidAPI Teams. The whole process barely takes a couple of minutes. Navigate to the Teams page. Create an account if you haven’t already.

Once you’re logged in, click the explore teams button. You will end up on this page, where you can start adding information to create your organization.

RapidAPI for Teams allows organizations up to 5 members for free and decent pricing for more. You can also invite team members right away. Once you are done, you will be navigated to the Organization Dashboard.

Add and Manage Teammates

In the Manage Teammates tab, you can easily invite members for your team through username/email provided they are signed up on RapidAPI. It also allows you to bulk import members through GitHub or CSV files which is very practical for large teams. You can create sub-teams inside your organization, assign roles to your members and manage their access rights through this tab.

Add Internal or External APIs

RapidAPI Teams allow you to get started quickly by bulk importing your existing APIs from GitHub. They have to be in OpenAPI Format.

You can also add your own APIs, or subscribe to any external API through RapidAPI Hub which is the largest hub having thousands of APIs to choose from. You can store them in API collections and members will see only those APIs within the collection that they have access to.

Manage APIs

The dashboard allows you to search for an API in your organization or even look up a specific API endpoint. In the Subscriptions and Usage tab, you can view detailed analytics like latencies, costs, requests per endpoint, and quota used of the subscribed APIs.

The Transactions Tab gives insights on the outgoing payments for subscribed APIs and incoming payments for Published APIs of your organization.

Your organization's personal space for API collaboration is all set. It is used by many companies because of its features, which you can explore further on this page. Feel free to explore it further and use it for your team.