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4 Things You Need To Do For Calling GraphQL APIs

The process of consuming GraphQL APIs is different from other types of APIs, such as REST. Here are four things you need to specify while calling a GraphQL API.

How to publish a GraphQL API on RapidAPI Hub?

RapidAPI Hub is home to over 3 million developers. This piece will guide you through the process of publishing a GraphQL API on RapidAPI Hub.

How to consume GraphQL APIs in React using URQL?

Today, more and more applications are using GraphQL APIs. There are multiple ways to consume them in React, and URQL is one of them.

GraphQL & API's Future

With the passage of time, the way APIs are developed has been evolving rapidly. Many companies have been using GraphQL to build APIs.

What are the Different Types of APIs?

APIs are the backbone of software applications today. They connect applications of diverse architectures and help them communicate in order to perform CRUD operations. Let's take a look at the different types of APIs.

What is Depth Limiting in APIs?

Rate limiting is a way to limit the requests coming to an API. GraphQL APIs have another way of restricting requests called depth limiting. This method resists queries based on their depth.

What is GraphQL? - A Beginner's Friendly Guide

There are a couple of things that make GraphQL unique. This guide will help beginners understand about GraphQL.

How to Define GraphQL Queries and Mutations?

GraphQL schema is the blueprint of a GraphQl API and describes the form of the data returned by the API. Let's see how to define queries and mutations.

Best Practices for GraphQL API Security

GraphQL APIs are a tad different from conventional REST APIs, so let's discuss some practices specifically for GraphQL APIs.

Interactive Guide to GraphQL Unions and Interfaces

GraphQL Unions and Interfaces are abstract types that allow a field to have multiple object types. Let's learn more about them.